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We Simplify evergreen marketing strategies to help independent family owned restaurants thrive in the digital age

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Is this for me?

R.O.M.A. is for you if your are a restaurateur or restaurant owner. It is built to simplify many complex concepts of today's digital marketing world specific to the restaurant niche, without taking a chunk of your time away from what you do best. If you own any of the types of restaurants below, then this seminar will work for you.

- Quick service restaurants

- Full service restaurants

- Catering, private event, or banquet businesses

- Food trucks

- Cafe's

- Breweries, wineries, & distilleries

- Lounges & nightclubs

How do I implement the concepts, frameworks, and strategies?

We will provide several resources to implement the concepts, frameworks, and strategies shown in R.O.M.A. We understand that everyone's situation is different. Therefore we provide a variety of solutions for each situation shown below:

Situation #1: Individuals/businesses who would like to implement and manage the concepts themselves

Situation #2: Individuals/businesses who have a person or team of people in place to implement the concepts & frameworks

Situation #3: Individuals/businesses who would like to have us implement and manage the frameworks for them

How will this benefit me and my business?

R.O.M.A. will benefit you and your business in several ways. Below is a list of some of the many benefits that this seminar will bring to the table.

- You'll have a fighting chance to compete with the big players in your local market by outsmarting them

- You'll be able to take your business brand to new heights within your local market

- You'll have access to information related to how you can market your business all in one place

- You'll have the opportunity to further leverage your website, Google, and Facebook efficiently

- You'll have the freedom to leave feedback about current and future content being published within R.O.M.A.

- You'll have inspiration for new ideas on how to market you business within your ecosystem

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